Newmanity (2013)

by Subliminal Crusher



01. One Man Disorder
02. Three Steps to Slay
03. Newmanity
04. Useless Peopple
05. Blurred
06. Meat Cleaver
07. The Plague
08. BackStabber
09. Release the Unsaved
10. I am the One
11. Can't Fail*
12. Locked In*

*(bonus tracks)

Rawdeath : drums
Elvys : guitars
HatewerK: guitars
Lorenzo: bass
Steph: voice


released January 21, 2013

Revalve Records

'Raging thrash death metal without compromise, emphasized by a powerful voice that evoke the decay of modern society. Newmanity was mastered in the studio Room AB by Goran Finnberg [ Meshuggah,The Haunted, in Flames, Opeth]. an Album for the fans of Machine Head, Testament, The Haunted, Darkane, Pantera.



Subliminal Crusher Terni, Italy

Subliminal Crusher project started in 2002, by the founders of the other italian band S.R.L..

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